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Brownies Pizza
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by Jason Jenkins on Brownies Pizza

Best pizza in town, I use to be a huge fan of Peppers until I tried Brownies. Now I'm hooked.

by Steph on Brownies Pizza

My favorite wings but this is the 3rd time i called and never got a answer when it says open until 11:30 ,so mabye u need to change your hours

by Jennifer on Brownies Pizza
West side tradition

I’ve lived in West Scranton my whole life. Brownie’s Pizza is a staple here! The Selection is great. The Stromboli’s are my favorite. The dough is so tasty. I love the sauce. They make great hoagies and of course the Pizza. There is nothing like it anywhere!!

by Cyndi Lee on Brownies Pizza

They have awesome pizza at reasonable prices. Owner and staff go above and beyond to meet your needs. 10 out of 10.

by KEN CURCIO on Brownies Pizza
old friend

I can remember Brownies since I started High School (1964) In all those years they have presented Quality, Value, Cleanliness, and Goodness. THANK YOU BROWNIES "Like a good, old Friend!"

by kristi on Brownies Pizza

i order from here a lot.. and really really like their food. but on my last visit as i stood there waiting for my pick up order i saw the guy cutting pizza and scraping off the pizza cutter into a cardboard box then reusing it (not even fully cleared off) to cut a different pizza. then proceeded to put the cutter into the cheese/sauce filled box when he was finished. then picked it back up to cut another tray. in my head i said ok next time i order pizza i’ll just ask them not to cut it .. no big deal problem solved.

THEN i saw him pour sauce over the dough, spread it.. and whatever sauce fell on the table he scraped it up and put it on the pizza with his bare finger. and same with the cheese that fell on the table. i’m sorry but if you’re going to be that unsanitary do not do it in front of customers! absolutely disgusting.

by Michael on Brownies Pizza
Terrible Service

waited for an hour and twenty minutes for a luke warm pizza and delivery was about 10 blocks away. The first time it happened i shrugged it off. I'm done with this place.

by Katie S on Brownies Pizza
Great food, great service

Every single time I have gone to Brownies it is never a long wait & the food is great. I choose them over any pizza place around, because their pizza is my favorite. ????????

by Jason sheare on Brownies Pizza
Love this place

very friendly service and always on time if not alittle early...the food is amazing...i highly recommend brownies to all friends and family for they make my belly full and taste buds happy every time..thanks for the service and the yummy food...

by Eric Washick on Brownies Pizza
2nd Chance

We ordered from Brownies on 10-30-15 and the delivery took a very long time, but this was due to the driver. The lady that took my call and complaints promised this would not happen again and was truly upset about the service we got. We decided to try again today 11-5-15 and the service was great, and as ALWAYS the foot outstanding. We will continue to order from Brownies as the food was on time as the person promised, hot, and quality amazing. Thanks again for lunch... We will be talking again soon!!!!

by Jacquie on Brownies Pizza

Pizza is absolutely delicious and perfectly cooked, sauce is amazing for a square pizza and the chicken wing pizza is very tasty!!!

by kathy on Brownies Pizza
3rd time this week

this is the 3rd time this wseek we ordered from brownies foodis delicious but on one of these deliveries food was cold. they compensated by giving us a oizza I wasn't looking for nething but it was nice they offered once I did complsin

by daryl on Brownies Pizza
mistake taken care of

a mistake was made i never recieved my delievery but i got a cll today 8-2-2014 and they will send my order today free of charge.

thank you very much!

i am shocked someone owned up to a mistake!

by Janet Hoffman on Brownies Pizza

WE have never had a problem with them but feb 14th we ordered honey chicken chef salad and a roast beef club we decided to go pick up order as we knew they be busy while there the lay that was at the register was rude to the delivery driver in front of customers and said she signed him out he can go home one that is against the law for anyone to sign a worker out. second the order was wrong and when i called back she said she wrote it down wrong we could go back in and order again why would i drive from taylor to scranton again pay for another order when her mixup third my roast beef sandwich was slapped together and fell apart when i picked it up ot to mention it took me 12 times to call and when they did answer she said we dont answer the phone when we r busy i am very disappointment in tonights order and we have never been treated like this in the past and we order from them every week

by Tony D. on Brownies Pizza
Best pizza

Brownies is the best hands down! I was born in Scranton and moved away in 2002 but when I come back to visit whoever picked me up from the airport knows 1st stop is Brownies everytime!

PS let me know when you start delivering to Arizona 😉

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